Our Services:

Project Management

Quality Assurance, Audit, & Vendor approval

Field technical

Pre Shipping Inspection
Shipping management

Manpower Supply Services

Engineering & Technical Consulting:

  • Drafting of construction drawing;
  • Design of Quality Control Plan;
  • Welding dossier Editing;
  • Preparation of operating procedures;
  • Design of purchasing and executive specifications;
  • Review of project procurements and approvals
  • Logistic and Shipping management;
  • QA/QC consulting and auditing;
  • Welding and NDT consulting;
  • EU directives consulting (PED, ATEX, Machinery directive)
  • Field measuring detection (drafting of “As Built Drawing”)

Inspection Expediting and Testing:

  • Technical Inspection (vendor inspection, FAT, Quality Control);
  • Surveying;
  • Visual and remote inspection (with Drones, Rove, Endoscope, Thermal Imaging Camera);
  • Pre-Shipping Inspection;
  • Cargo Inspection (loading and quantitative inspection)
  • Field and desk expediting;
  • Non Destructive Examination – NDE (VT-UT-MT-PT methods);
  • Ultrasonic thickness checks on materials and coating;
  • Environmental surveys (radiations, gases leakage, ect);
  • Photogrammetry and 3D scanning;
  • UAV Service

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